Bot Mitigation

Next-Generation Bot Identification

Reblaze’s next-generation algorithms identify and block even advanced bots that can bypass traditional detection methods.

  • Cleanses traffic using behavioral analysis, human detection algorithms, challenges, honeypots, and more
  • Blocks scrapers, data thieves, and other malicious forms of traffic
  • Also defeats DoS/DDoS attacks, hacking and breach attempts, and more
  • Fully managed (nothing to install or maintain), and always up-to-date
  • Automated reporting
  • 24/7 incident support

Why Traditional Defenses Are Obsolete

Conventional anti-scraping defenses include tools like CAPTCHA, to identify and exclude non-human traffic. These are supposed to be tests that people can solve, but bots cannot.

However, a Stanford University study has found that 13 out of 15 CAPTCHA systems used by popular web sites are susceptible to automated attacks.

Even prominent sites are vulnerable: for example, the CAPTCHAs for (part of the Visa credit card network) can be broken two-thirds of the time.

A Better Approach to Excluding Scrapers

Advanced human detection and behavior detection algorithms

These exclude undesirable non-human traffic. This not only defeats scraping, it also greatly increases security overall. Would-be assailants are forced to personally conduct each attack—something few hackers are willing to do.

Unique learning and adaptive capabilities

These allow Reblaze to identify and respond to scraping and other threats even as they become more sophisticated. Updates and upgrades are deployed across the network automatically, with no action required on your part. You always have the latest protection.

Advanced bot identification and traffic analysis

Reblaze uses visitor behavior, challenges, and honeypots to detect even advanced bots powered by full-stack browsers such as Webkit, Chromium/V8, and IE-WebBrowserControl that bypass traditional bot detection methods. (This also defends against automated penetration tools and attempted DDoS attacks.)