Content Delivery Network CDN

Accelerate Your Site with Global CDN Integration

Don’t Lose Your Traffic

Today’s Internet users are more impatient than ever. Researchers have found that an extra load-time delay of 250 milliseconds—just a quarter of a second—is often enough to convince a visitor to use your competitor’s web site instead of yours.

Reblaze, while making your web assets “secure by default,” also integrates seamlessly with CDNs such as Amazon’s CloudFront (among many others). This allows you to offload all static content service to the cloud. Your data center has a reduced load, and can serve more users faster.

Other Benefits

 The fastest content delivery possible.

Each CDN server maintains a cache of your site’s static and streaming content. Visitors receive your content directly from their closest server. With a broad network of edge locations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, Reblaze and its CDN integration will accelerate your site’s content delivery.

 The best site performance possible.

Because the CDN delivers your static content, your server has a reduced load and can be more responsive when serving dynamic and interactive content. Further optimization occurs as dynamic/interactive connections are consolidated and reused whenever possible, so your server has fewer connections to manage. Again, your site’s performance is accelerated.

 The most uptime possible.

Depending on the nature of your content, the CDN network can serve your site even if your server cannot be reached. Thus, your site remains up, even if your server goes down.

 The most robust site possible.

Reblaze uses the CDN of your choice to dynamically adjust to each site’s needs. You don’t need to maintain extra in-house server capacity just for an occasional spike in demand—Reblaze provides it for you. Nor do you have to worry about scaling up your bandwidth during denial-of-service attacks—again, Reblaze does that for you, automatically.