The simplest solution for securing cloud applications

By providing continuous, real time visibility, control and remediation, Coronet SecureCloud ensures that only trusted users, using trusted devices, connecting through trusted networks to trusted cloud services can access corporate data.

SecureCloud eliminates the need for on-site installation, enabling implementation in minutes without the complexity of legacy security integration, and at a fraction of the cost.

Product spec made simple

Simple to set up. Simple to operate. Simple pricing.

Coronet SecureCloud is the first solution to bring all the essential elements of cloud security into a single, cloud-based system. But what are the elements of cloud security? What elements are covered (and not covered) by other products? Isn’t an access gateway or a CASB enough to secure your cloud operations? To ease on your research, below we simply compare SecureCloud in detail to other key security products which only cover partial aspects of cloud security.

In order to detect threats that put corporate data and reputation at risk, all the relevant activities along the cloud security chain should be monitored and analyzed. To make this assessment actionable, it should be performed in the proper context of user identities, security posture of the devices they use, networks they connect to and service properties.

Fully automated detection and remediation.

Continuously monitored security posture and activities are automatically analyzed by SecureCloud for non-compliance, threats, and potential risks. The necessary remediation actions are automatically taken in real time, at the right place of the security chain.

In terms of cloud security functionality and its automation, SecureCloud offers a complete solution that eliminates the need for multi-system integrations.