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Clean Up
Analyze firewall configurations to identify hidden, unused, shadowed or overly permissive rules.

Validate policies against regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS 3.2, or against custom-defined policies.

Isolate, document and alert on every change to network access.


Set up a request form that captures all relevant information from the start.

Check the request against existing rule base for similar access to avoid unnecessary rule creation.

Simulate the impact of every rule change on security and compliance prior to implementation.

Automatically send the rule to the reviewer or establish a threshold to skip review for low-risk changes.

Choose when to automatically push new rules to the device itself (for supported vendors).

Once a rule is live, automatically verify that it met established criteria and followed approved processes.

Document & Monitor
Automatically document rule changes and continuously monitor new rules within Security Manager


  • Assign rule review tasks based on existing properties and documentation
  • Document all decisions and justifications in FireMon Security Manager
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with standards, including PCI DSS, NERC-CIP, HIPAA and SOX
  • Produce reports detailing rule review decisions for auditors and other interested parties
  • Streamline workflow between operations and management


  • View risk posture in real-time
  • Simulate how attackers might gain access to assets through network vulnerabilities.
  • Assess the impact of the potential attacker.
  • Determine where multiple exploits can be used in combination to reach an asset.
  • Adapt device rules to reroute access to address the risk immediately.
  • Prioritize patching based on impact


Immediate Insight from Firemon is designed for security operations to analyze, investigate, and automate threat detection and response. Used by enterprise security teams to advance their threat hunting programs.

  • Maximize Security Infrastructure
    Turn static security and network data into actionable threat detection; data already collected by current security and network investments
  • Reduce Time to Response
    Security teams work quickly to discover new IOCs and TTPs missed by defense systems
  • Increase Security Productivity
    Reduce alerts up to 80% by eliminating false positives, from a single threat hunting interface
  • Respond to the Off-Model Attack
    Immediate Insight gives security operations the flexibility to search any data types, fusing machine learning and human analysis
  • Data Access and Visibility
    Enrich alerts with contextual details.  Define and implement indicators with contextual awareness and organization-specific IOCs.