Secure Email Gateway

Votiro Secure Email Gateway

The Votiro Secure Email Gateway service helps keep your customers’ credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data safe by removing threats from all files attached to email messages coming into your network. In use at defense and government agencies, banks, pharmaceutical companies, health-care organizations, and other institutions worldwide, Votiro’s Secure Email Gateway offers you the quality of a mature, proven technology: the patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology from Votiro

How It Works

Incoming email messages are automatically routed to the Votiro Secure Email Gateway, where every attached file is checked for known threats. To protect your organization from undisclosed and zero-day threats, the patented Votiro Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology scans each file and removes all malicious code. The cleansed files preserve the integrity and functionality of the original files and are safe to edit. The email messages and their attachments continue on to your organization’s email server.

In this way, the Votiro technology prevents exploits from attacking endpoints and spreading malware throughout your network. The entire process is invisible to users, does not disrupt business activity—and normally takes less than a second!

Votiro’s Secure Email Gateway offers flexible deployment options, so you can integrate this solution in any way that works best for your organization. To safeguard your organization’s privacy, Votiro stores no email messages on its servers, nor does it store the original or cleansed version of the attachments.

Features and Benefits
 Better protection:
  • Applies Votiro’s patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology to cleanse all incoming email attachments in near real time, protecting your organization against known, undisclosed, and zero-day exploits

  • Provides comprehensive protection against phishing and spear-phishing attacks

  • Handles mobile and desktop editions of many file formats, including Microsoft® Office, RTF, PDF (such as Adobe® PDF), image, and archive files

  • Harnesses commercial antivirus and anti-malware solutions to detect known threats

  • Enables you to easily define security policies for each group of employees

Convenient deployment:

  • As a security software as a Service (SaaS) , saves you the effort and expense of maintaining additional servers and carrying out endpoint installations, and rewards you with a return on your cybersecurity investment

  • Can be easily deployed on your organization premises

  • Takes practically no time to set up—requires just a simple modification of your MX record

  • Works automatically, eliminating the human factor from the security equation.