Threat Response Auto-Pull


Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) enables messaging and security administrators to analyze emails and move malicious or unwanted emails to quarantine, after delivery. It follows forwarded mail and distribution lists and creates an auditable activity trail.

Quarantine malicious email post-delivery and get reports on quarantine attempts.

Email Quarantine for Malicious and Unwanted Messages, After Delivery

Unwanted email can take several forms. Malicious emails can contain phishing links that can be poisoned after delivery or use evasion techniques which lead to false negatives and delivered malicious emails. Unwanted email such as inappropriate jokes or compliance violations in emails are a few examples. Email security teams are often tasked with email analysis and cleaning up to reduce threat exposure and limit potential damages. While email quarantining one message may not require much work and a mere 10 to 15 minutes each, situations where ten emails or more are involved can become tedious, with time requirements quickly adding up. Learn More>