Tek Commoditeez is a dynamic cybersecurity firm in Ghana. Being the trusted providers of advanced cyber solutions in Insider Threat Management, Secure Cloud Usage, Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction Technology, Effortless Web Security, Intelligent Security Management, Advanced Technology Training and advisory services, our expertise is coupled with a leadership status in helping clients recognize where their greatest cyber security requirements are and finding the security solution that best fits.

With our years of experience in IT professional services, information security consulting, cutting-edge trainings and continual innovative growth to face new threats as they emerge which our team bring, Tek Commoditeez has the tools, hands-on experience, insight and expertise to detect insider threats, provide IT security solutions that deliver visibility and insight that help to make informed decisions, create credible action plans, monitor progress and simplify compliance and risk management.

We pride ourselves with our customers’ positive reviews on vital business systems protection, awareness education and excellent customer service. Our portfolio of managed and consulting solutions help our clients take a proactive, comprehensive approach to security, compliance and business continuity.

Tek Commoditeez products and services are considered  as cybersecurity best practises by many regulatory bodies and agencies globally.

The Tek Carrier is Tek Commoditeez’s monthly freemium newsletter which offers our customers insights on the top cyber threats and trends. Our customers also receive monthly reports that contain only intelligence that has been defined as relevant to them which aims to increase knowledge and improve the capabilities of security analysts of all levels in their organisation.